Have a question? Check out our FAQs below or contact us.

  1. How much does playing social sports cost?

There is an upfront team registration fee of $35 and $5 per game for each player (subject to how many players are in your team).

  1. Can I register as an individual?

Yes – you can. Simply email us on play@toodyayreccentre.com.au and we will do our best to place you in a team.

  1. How are payments taken each week?

Players can choose between paying for games by cash or EFTPOS on the day.

  1. Are the teams’ female only, mixed or both?

Both! You can specify your preference in your registration by selecting “Choose Your Competition” dropdown.

  1. What age ranges are there?

There is Under-12s, Under-14s, 14-17yrs, Under-17s and Open (18+).

  1. What’s Fast5 Netball?

Fast5 Netball is your way to play netball with the dial cranked right up. Each team has only five players on the court. There are different scoring zones (1pt, 2pts and 3pts depending on shot location), rolling subs, and the quarters are shorter. Players can even double and triple their points with Power Plays and Super Shots. It’s fast, tactical, and a lot of fun.

We can help you on the day with any questions you might have about the rules!

  1. What’s 3×3 basketball?

3×3 Basketball is a shortened, faster version of tradition 5×5 Basketball, played on a half court with 1 x basket. Teams are 3 players each with a coin toss determining who starts with the ball. Successful shots inside the arc are awarded 1-point, outside of the arc attracts 2-points and the shot clock is only 12 seconds. Its action-packed and guaranteed to get you moving!

We can help you on the door with any questions you might have about the rules!

  1. What’s 5-a-side soccer?

5-a-side soccer include 5 players (including the goalie) with rolling substitutions allowed and no offside rule applicable. Penalty kicks and the giving of fouls follow the same format as traditional soccer.

  1. Are there uniform restrictions / guidelines?

Please ensure you wear activity-appropriate clothing including closed-in shoes. Jewellery is also not permitted, and nails requested to be kept short for safety purposes. As this is a social and fun competition, we wanted to keep the number of rules at a minimum!

  1. What parking is available?

There is ample parking on-site available directly in front of the courts. There is no charge to park.

  1. Is there First Aid on site?

Yes – there is.

  1. What happens if I can’t make it one week?

If you do not have enough players to field your team, your team will need to find a replacement , otherwise notify Toodyay Rec Centre asap so we can advise your opponent of a forfeit.

  1. Do teams have to supply an umpire / referee?

Yes – we request all teams do their bit and supply an umpire / referee. If you cannot do so, we will do our best to source one so that the game can go ahead.