A MOVE is a unit of movement measurement used by the app to track physical activity, so the more you move the more MOVES you’ll collect! MOVES will also vary based on gender and body composition, but as a rough guide, running for 10 minutes at low intensity accumulates about 200 MOVEs. Average 10,000 steps throughout the day will accrue approx. 1000 MOVEs per day. It’s all based on how much you move! The faster and longer you run, cycle, row, swim or whatever your favourite exercise is – the more MOVEs you’ll collect. Higher intensity workouts equals more MOVEs.

ToodyayMOVEs will keep track of your MOVEs every day and thanks to the MOVERGY INDEX (Toodyay Recreation Centre’s daily movement index), you will be able to view your overall activity status in an easy, intuitive way. Your MOVEs count towards overall MOVERGY which can be monitored automatically.

You can use any phone that can access either the Apple App store or Google Play.

ToodyayMOVES will interact with your Fitbit and ensure than any activity you track through your Fitbit is applied to your ToodyayMOVES profile. This will also make sure that all your activity will contribute to any MOVES challenges you are taking part in. It will also include any MOVEs for your workouts if you go to the gym and tally these towards daily goals and challenges.

That’s OK. To track your MOVEs and overall physical activity to accrue towards any of our challenges, simply manually start any outdoor activity via the “Outdoor Activity Tracking” button, or add in your workouts afterwards so your MOVEs will tally towards your physical activity totals.

You can track your activity by clicking on the “Outdoor Activity Tracking” arrow and select your preferred activity. The three options are walking, running and cycling. In the top right of the screen there is a heart icon. If you click on this, it will look for any ‘heart rate tracking’ devices you are wearing and connect to these as well. When you’re ready to start your workout select the “Start Activity” button to track all activity.

Awareness makes a massive difference! Tracking your results means you have real data when trying to achieve your goals! Studies have also shown that the act of tracking our exercise makes us more conscious of our activity and more motivated to be more physically active and to get more done!

The app has been built for use on a mobile phone, but you can download the app onto your iPad. It just may not be optimised at all times for iPad viewing.

The data on the ToodyayMOVES app is part of the Mywellness® platform that belongs to you (the member who uses the service). Therefore, as per the terms and conditions of the ToodyayMOVES app, you must give consent to Mywellness® to share your data with Toodyay Recreation Centre. If you “the member”, at any point want to stop sharing your data with the venue, you can choose to stop and ‘opt out’ at any time via the app or by visiting the Mywellness® website.

Mywellness® data is hosted by Amazon Web Services in Ireland which is safe and adheres to all Australian and EU laws and regulations. It also complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on data protection and is privacy compliant.

Your data will be used for recording your activity, MOVEs, and any workouts you add into the app, and allows us to track participants throughout our monthly challenges to see where you sit on the leaderboard.

Once you download the app on the bottom right hand side is a circle icon. This is your Profile. Under your profile there is a “Settings” section. Please click on the right arrow icon “>” and this will take you to various options within the app. On the bottom of this section there is also FAQ section, click on this and this will take you to various FAQ’s including:

  • Training
  • Profile
  • Connection to other apps and accessories
  • Activities in your facility (if these are available via the app)
  • Connectivity
  • Other

If you still have any questions about the ToodyayMOVES app, how to use it or how to get it linked to your other fitness gear, make sure you ask on of our amazing Toodyay Recreation Centre staff and they can help walk you through anything you need.