VacSwim Program by TRC!

Ensure your child’s confidence in the water and register your interest in them joining our potential swim program.

Please note: this is subject to instructor availability, so we’re just seeing how much interest we get.

Here are the details of what we may provide:

  • 9 day intensive (but fun) training program
  • Starts January 3rd and runs to the 13th (not including weekends
  • School aged children, between 5-17 years old
  • 40 minute lessons

All for only $124.20 (or only $13.80 per day) – which does not include the $3 pool entry.

Our swimming program classes are aimed at helping your swimmer gain confidence in the water and excel in their abilities. Not having water competence is an issue your child shouldn’t have to worry about (or yourself for that matter).

If you’re interested in enrolling your child, please express your interest below!