TOODYAY MOVES – Making fitness easy!


Get MOVEing- Live longer, Live stronger!

Struggling to find the motivation to achieve your health and fitness goals? Want an easy way to stay on track?

Look no further than the FREE Toodyay MOVEs app!

Developed by Technogym, a worldwide provider of gym equipment and fitness solutions. The App tracks physical activity and movement and integrates with all the main smart devices and watches to produce MOVEs.

No need for multiple apps to track your fitness, ToodyayMOVEs is more than just a fitness app!

  • Compete against friends and the community.
  • Win cool prizes!
  • Delicious and healthy recipes
  • Exercise ideas
  • Progression tracking
  • And much more

Download the app now!

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So what is a MOVE?

A MOVE is a unit of movement measurement used by the app to track physical activity, so the more you move the more MOVES you’ll collect!

MOVEs are designed to give you the most personalised experience and help you along your health and fitness journey. No matter your age, size, gender, or fitness level you’ll be able to earn MOVEs in a variety of different ways.

Whether it’s in the gym, going for a swim, gardening or even a trip to the supermarket! If you’re moving, you can collect MOVEs.

MOVES will also vary based on gender and body composition, but as a rough guide, running for 10 minutes at low intensity accumulates about 200 MOVEs. It’s all based on how much you move! The faster and longer you run, cycle, row, swim or whatever your favourite exercise is – the more MOVEs you’ll collect. Higher intensity =  more MOVEs!


So why use the app?

We understand that staying motivated along your health and wellbeing journey isn’t always easy so why not make it as easy as possible. Our aim is to keep everyone fit and active and to enjoy better outcomes in daily work and life.

Awareness makes a massive difference! Tracking your results means you have real data when trying to achieve your goals! Studies have also shown that the act of tracking our exercise makes us more conscious of our activity and more motivated to be more physically active and to get more done!


Download the app today!

ToodyayMOVEs app

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Step by Step download guide:
  1. Go to the Appstore on your phone
  2. Search ‘Toodyay Moves’
  3. Download
  4. Register an account.


Remember, if at any point you are having issues, feel free to ask one of the helpful Toodyay Recreation Centre team members and they will assist in any way they can.