Interview with Rec Centre Patron, Margaret!

Margaret recently sat down with venue manager Beck, to discuss all the reasons why she’s such an advocate for the Toodyay Rec Centre (and why it’s keeping her retirement plans in Toodyay). 


In the interview, she discusses:

  • How for 30 years she has been waiting for a centre like this to open, and how she used to travel all the way to Northam or Perth just to have a swim
  • Her love for Toodyay and how her retirement plans have always included Toodyay, but why the Rec Centre is the icing on the cake to a wonderful place to kive.
  • Why she’s excited to see more opportunity for sport in Toodyay now that the Rec Centre has open!


And here are a few key quotes from her as she explains her love for this centre:

“Anyone who doesn’t use it, well, that’s their choice. But they don’t know what they’re missing out on”.

“I was here on the second day it opened; I couldn’t have come any sooner”.

“I can’t say anything bad or negative. I love it I love it I love it”.

Watch the full interview below: